Elijah Chandler

Film Production

“I currently study film at Biola University and I have loved filmmaking since I held my first camera at the age of ten. Since then, I have worked on prestigious projects such as directing and writing my first feature film during my senior year in high school. I have also worked on other various projects related to video ranging from shooting school events, commercials, wedding videos, and many more. Other than that, I am a writer. I have written and published my first book, Guardian: Spirit of Omega and have written many other scripts since. I hope and pray one day I can use these passions for film and writing that God has placed in my heart to move and touch people to live with a purpose and to seek truth in everyday life.”

Daniel James


“For pretty much as long as I've known myself (which has been a while considering we grew up together), I've been interested in computers, programming, and math. I hope to use my passion for math, statistics and programming to keep Neverinactive running efficiently in every area. Customers tend to like it when companies offer fast support and services.”

Christian Jeffries


“I began to dabble with Adobe Photoshop at the age of eight, and since then, I have undertaken a lifelong passion for creating all types of digital media (and occasionally music compositions). I currently work as a freelance design, video and photography artist. I founded Neverinactive with my friend Daniel, because we discovered various “holes” in the media and software industry that major corporations are neglecting... holes that we hope to one day fill. I plan to push Neverinactive into a full-fledged software, hardware and production company... a resource for quality media and intuitive creative tools.”

Cornell Herg

Media Development

“I’m a film artist from Biola University. I have worked on projects from weddings, advertisements, corporate videos, to feature films. I loves music and spend time improvising on the piano when brainstorming film ideas. I wish to be able to communicate great stories that touch men and women through the art of film.”

Michael Metcalf


“I've tinkered in a wide variety of fields from audio, video, software and hardware development. This, coupled with my exposure in the corporate field, has given me a new perspective on how to solve problems. User interfaces are a huge point of interest that I continually invest time in. At a relatively young age I had the benefit of experiencing what it takes to design and build a physical product. The design process behind physical hardware development is a thrilling experience that words cannot describe.”